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NFL VP Grubman: "No viable proposal" for Oakland stadium

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NFL owners gathered today in the conference rooms of a suburban Chicago hotel for a very important meeting. The key subject at hand revolves around the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers, all of whom are making their pitches for a potential move to Los Angeles.

With that discussion, the situation in their current markets of St Louis, Oakland, and San Diego respectively will be considered. And in the case of Oakland, the situation remains at a stalemate.

Today NFL Vice President Eric Grubman, who has been charged with spearheading the NFL's LA relocation efforts old media in Chicago that they still have "No viable proposal" for a stadium in Oakland.

Both St Louis and San Diego have presented deals to their respective teams as well as the NFL which on the surface appear very viable. But Oakland is still having issues coming up with a plan that would be attractive to the Raiders.

The major stumbling block is, and has always been funds. Specifically Oakland's unwillingness to provide any public funds to have the stadium built. This caused New City representative and developer Floyd Kephart to get very creative with his proposal to the city and county.

Whether there is something worth exploring further will be revealed on August 21.

"I expect the Raiders, NFL and New City will all make a decision about continuing in Oakland by the end of August," Kephart told the San Antonio Business Journal late last month. "I am not sure who is the most frustrated at this point — the Raiders, the NFL, the fans or us."

Meanwhile, Carmen Policy accompanied Mark Davis to Chicago to speak on behalf of the Raiders and their LA relocation efforts. Policy was quoted today as saying that Davis and Chargers owner Dean Spanos are "fully committed to LA" and their joint Carson stadium plans and has been for some time.

What it means that the Raiders are fully committed to Los Angeles is simply that this is not a power play by either team. This is not about leverage anymore.

This is about which city can present the teams with the best situation. And for Oakland, no news has not been good news. They have been in a holding pattern for months with the Raiders as well as the NFL. While the Raiders continue to put forth a strong case to be one of the teams to enter the LA market in the near future.