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Rod Streater says doctors still don't know what was wrong with him

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We hit day 12 of Raiders training camp today and wide receiver Rod Streater finally hit the field for the first time in 2015. He had been on the Non-football Illness list. Jack Del Rio wasn't revealing what the illness was with Streater, but, as it turns out, there wasn't anything to disclose.

"I've worked with the doctors for a while trying to figure out what was going on," said Streater. "As time went on I felt better, coaches worked me out, got me through the conditioning tests, decided I looked good and got me back out there. "

"Still working with the doctors, they don't really know yet (what is wrong). In the future, once they find out, I'll let you guys know."

According to Streater, he started to feel not right even as far back as OTA's. He broke his foot in week three of last season and from the sounds of it, that was the last time he felt like himself. He has lost weight in the ordeal, which is saying a lot considering how lean Streater has always been.

Despite the doctors being unable to figure out what exactly was wrong, Streater says he is not worried. He insists he is completely back to normal and the issue is behind him. Saying he had "no rust" on his first day back.

"It's not hard (getting back into it)," said Streater. "I was working hard with the quarterbacks trying to learn the plays, not missing a step. Just learning the playbook however I can and I was out here trying to get mental reps and things like that. Wasn't like I missed a step, I got back out there, it was just the conditioning part, the flow of the game I gotta get used to again."

Now the Raiders former top receiver will look to make up time with two new starters on the team in Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper, giving the Raiders depth they haven't had since Streater joined the team three years ago.

"It's exciting, man," he said. "It pushes me harder to come back. It's exciting to see them work hard in this offense and become successful. It's just a good group of receivers."

In his absence, Kenbrell Thompkins has seen an increased role in the offense. Streater will look to reclaim his snaps and targets as part of the top three receivers on the team.