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Month after Ken Stabler death he is senior nominee for 2016 Hall of Fame class

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After being eligible for the Hall of Fame the past 25 years and never getting in, Ken Stabler may finally have his best chance to get into the Hall of Fame. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced that Stabler is one of two senior nominees for the Hall of Fame class of 2016 along with guard Dick Stanfel.

The unfortunate part of all of this is it appears it took Stabler's death for this to happen. He passed away on July 8 of cancer. The overwhelming outpouring of support for Stabler upon his death was a grand reminder of just how important he was the the NFL and how great he truly was as a football player. With this announcement one would have to believe it was the response to his death that shined a bright light on the injustice of his not being in the Hall of Fame.

Senior nominees nearly always make it through to induction. Ray Guy finally got the call to the Hall by the senior committee two years ago after the modern era committee denied him for 23 years.