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Tornado watch for Raiders vs Vikings, field and stands cleared pregame due to lightning

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason game pitting the Raiders against the Vikings in Minnesota tonight is in danger of not happening. The weather service has the area on tornado watch. The local weather warning reads "Occasional thunderstorms -- possibly severe. Damaging winds, large hail and possibly a tornado with some storms."

The Vikings have released some reminders to fans at the game about what to do in case they should need to seek shelter:


-Fans in tailgate lots should be aware of changing weather conditions and stay informed via the radio or their cellphones

-With high winds expected, fans should ensure that tents, flags and other tailgate gear are securely tied down or put away before the storm hits

-If necessary, Williams, Mariucci, and Ridder Areas will be open as storm shelter locations.

During the game:

-Pay attention to changing weather conditions

-Listen for severe weather announcements from the stadium public address and watch for instructions on the scoreboards

-If a stadium evacuation is needed, Williams, Mariucci, and Ridder Areas will be open as storm shelter locations. Fans should keep their tickets to re-enter the stadium after the storm passes

The storm is set to hit the area right around kickoff. As of an hour and a half before the game, there has been thunderstorms in the area with lightning nearby which has caused the field and the stands to be cleared pregame.

There could be delays to the game and being that this is just a preseason game, they could very well even opt to cancel it altogether should conditions become too severe. We will keep you updated as this progreses.

UPDATE: Vikings have tweeted this as of just over an hour before game time:

Update: Now a half hour before game time, fans are being allowed to return to their seats and players are taking the field:

Update: As of 15 minutes to game time, the players look ready to go.

Kickoff set for 5:06pm Pacific (7:06pm Minnesota)