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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 20: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Our last number in the 20's in our countdown. The number has been seen across the crowd at Raiders games more abundantly than any other number over the past several years. It was that of former 4th overall pick Darren McFadden. In some stores it was the only Raiders jersey you could buy. But averaging 3.3 yards per carry over the past three seasons and only once playing in all 16 games is not quite worthy of the best to wear the number 20 in my book.

Who wore it best: S Warren Powers (1963-68)

Aside from having an awesome name, he was pretty awesome on the field as well. He played all six seasons of his NFL career with the Raiders. During that time, he intercepted 22 passes, including 21 in just four seasons from 1964-67. He helped lead the Raiders defense to its first Super Bowl appearance in 1967.

Who's wearing it now: S Nate Allen

He was signed this offseason to a free agent contract to be the team's full time starting safety. The 27-year-old had a career best 4 interceptions in 2014 for the Eagles and earned a long term contract from the Raiders. He will line up at free safety primarily alongside Charles Woodson at strong safety. His 4-year $23 million deal is a lucrative one at first glance, though he has no guaranteed money after this season so if he doesn't work out, they can move on with no dead money behind. But if he proves last season was not a fluke, the Raiders will have locked in one of their starting safeties for a while.