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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 19: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Ron Riesterer / Oakland Tribune

We are now into the teens in our countdown. The first cutdown date is just a week away which means some of the 'Who's wearing it now' players won't be wearing that number much longer. As for the best to wear it, that will remain until if/when they are unseated by someone better. And it's not exactly been a number in high demand over the years, with just seven players to ever have worn it, only three of them for more than one season.

Who wore it best: QB Cotton Davidson (1962-68)

After two seasons with the Baltimore Colts and two seasons with the Dallas Texans, Davidson joined the Raiders in 1962, sharing quarterback duties with Tom Flores. For two of Davidson's first three years with the team, he was their leading passer and was named an AFL All Star in his second season in Oakland in 1963 which was Al Davis' first year as head coach. All told, Davidson threw for 6532 yards in 28 starts in a little over five seasons with the Raiders.

Who's wearing it now: WR  Josh Harper

Rarely have I ever seen so much press for an undrafted free agent than with Harper. The former Fresno State receiver was reunited with his former quarterback, Derek Carr, and the Fresno State media was loving it. As for actual performance, Harper hasn't nearly matched the buzz surrounding his signing. He hasn't been bad, he just hasn't made any eye-opening plays and as an undrafted guy -- Derek Carr familiarity or not -- he needs to make some plays and turn some heads to make this squad. And with one of the deeper receiver groups this team has had in quite some time, that is a tough task. There is hope for him to land a spot on the practice squad.