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Pro Bowl G Evan Mathis wanted to play for contender, lands with Broncos

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After several months of wondering where former Eagles Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis would eventually sign, he chose the Broncos. He was released by the Eagles this offseason after turning down a $5.5 million contract offer and has signed with the Broncos on a one-year deal for a reported $2.5 million with a max salary of $4 million after incentives.

Mathis' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said there was one other team which offered him $5.5 million, but Mathis chose the Broncos because he wanted to play for a contender. He will start at left guard for the Broncos.

It's hard to know for sure if the Raiders may have been the team who made the other offer. They have had a competition at right guard, with former tackle J'Marcus Webb currently the projected starter.

Mathis is more of a zone blocking guard, which wouldn't fit the power blocking scheme the Raiders are currently running. He is also going to turn 34 in November. Not that it matters because if he was looking to join a contender, the Raiders don't fit that category just yet. He will, however, improve a shaky interior line for the division rival Broncos.