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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 17: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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The days are flying by now as we hit 17 days until the Raiders 2015 regular season opener. That means I have the task of finding the best to ever wear number 17 for the Raiders. As for the number 17, there were only six players who have ever worn the number. Only one of them wore it for more than a single season. He is also the only number 17 to ever start more than ONE GAME for the Raiders.

Who wore it best: WR  Denarius Moore (2011-2014)

The moment Denarius Moore hit the practice field as a fifth round rookie in 2011, he looked like an absolute steal, making one incredible catch after another. He took the league by storm, starting 10 games as a rookie and catching 33 passes for 618 yards and 5 touchdowns. In his second season he started 15 games and caught 54 passes for 741 yards and 7 touchdowns. That season, however, some issues started to arise. First of all, he was fifth worst in the NFL in catch percentage (46.4%) and dropping nine passes. There were also several times he obviously ran the wrong route which caused Carson Palmer to be intercepted trying to throw where Moore was supposed to be.

After improving his catch percentage numbers in 2013, he would last just three games into 2014 before landing squarely in the doghouse from which he would not return. In week three against the Patriots, with the Raiders knocking on the door for a game-tying touchdown, Moore had a ball bounce off his shoulder pad where it was intercepted to allow the Patriots to kneel the clock out and escape with the win. That was his last start as a Raider.

In total, Moore started 37 games in 4 seasons with 2169 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns. No one else who ever wore 17 in Silver & Black is worth mentioning. He is now with his old head coach Hue Jackson who is the Offensive Coordinator in Cincinnati.

Who's wearing it now: WR  Milton Williams III

It's probably a good thing we're getting to this number now because by this time next week, we probably won't have anyone wearing the number 17. Williams was an undrafted free agent signing by the Raiders this offseason. He was then cut and later re-signed. He has not stood out and is near the bottom of the depth chart among the wide receivers.