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Raiders rookie Clive Walford responds to injury questions "No worries I'll be ready"

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This week concerns over Clive Walford's injury reached the point where his availability for the regular season opener was in question. He has practiced just twice in the past month while being lost to injury for two long stints and is still not back at practice.

Walford set out to ease everyone's mind Friday evening, taking to twitter to say he will be good to go.

The assumption is that he is speaking of the season opener. As offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave pointed out that Walford's prolonged absence is "significant", both for the team and for Walford.

Walford's announcement is reassuring that the injury isn't serious and that he will be back soon. But at this point, getting him back to full speed and ingrained in the offense will take a bit more time.

The Raiders return to practice next Tuesday, their only practice before heading to Seattle for their final preseason game on September 3.