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Raiders RT Menelik Watson out for year with ruptured Achilles

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It didn't look good when it happened, and the worst has come to fruition. The Raiders have lost RT Menelik Watson for the season with a ruptured Achilles.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have lost more than just a meaningless preseason game today, they lost their starting Right Tackle to a ruptured achilles. Menelik Watson was finally showing signs of coming into his own, but all of that momentum is halted now. He will be out for the season with this injury that he announced himself on Twitter.

Watson went down with the injury while blocking for Derek Carr in the 1st quarter in tonight's game against the Arizona Cardinals. The play itself didn't seem like anything that spectacular happened which actually was more of a negative sign. When players go down with injuries that didn't seem to be caused by contact it usually is not a good sign.

In the game itself Michele Tafoya, NBC's sideline reporter, said that she saw Menelik Watson on a training table on the sideline when he got the news. She said at the time that he screamed into the trainers table after the trainers said something to him and could be seen sobbing on the sideline before heading to the locker room.

This is a sad loss for a raw player that really seemed to be finding his role on the team. Watson has had his fair share of struggles and injuries since being the 2nd round pick for the Raiders in 2013 but he was finally in line to have earned his starting position at the Right Tackle.

Watson, who is one of the few English born players in the NFL, likely will be replaced there by OL Austin Howard who took his place after the injury occurred. Good luck and well wishes to Menelik Watson, I am sure I can speak for the entirety of Raider Nation when I say Get Well Soon bloke.