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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 13: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Mike Powell/Getty Images

One more preseason game down and we are at lucky number 13 until the Raiders regular season opener, which, as you might think, has never been a popular number. Just six players ever wore it for the Raiders.

Who wore it best: QB Jay Schroeder (1988-92)

He went to the Pro Bowl in 1986 in his second season in the league and got a Super Bowl ring as a backup with the Redskins in 1987. The next season, he joined the Raiders. He started 57 games over five seasons with the Raiders, leading them to winning records in his only two seasons as the fulltime starter and leading them to a playoff win in 1990. He finished with 10,276, 66 TDs and 62 INTs.

Who's wearing it now: WR  Devon Wylie

Wylie re-joined his former Fresno State quarterback with the Raiders near the end of training camp. The former fourth round pick will try to make the team as a return man while hoping to crack the offensive lineup as a slot receiver. Though at this point, it would be a lot of ground to make up in such a short period of time.