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Report: Raiders Aldon Smith deal worth max $8 million, turned down more money elsewhere

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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If the Raiders signing of Aldon Smith is just "Raiders being Raiders" as some uneducated fans are touting now, then it was also apparently the Buccaneers being Buccaneers, Jaguars being Jaguars. Those are the other two teams who reportedly also showed interest in acquiring Aldon Smith before he chose to sign with the Raiders. The Rams were also reported, but their interest was said to not go past the internal discussion phase.

His deal with the Raiders is worth a reported maximum of $8 million for this season after incentives. And he is said to have turned down more money from at least one of the above teams to sign that deal.

The reasoning is mainly that Smith's camp believes he already has a strong support system set up in the Bay Area after three seasons with the 49ers.

His five arrests tell another story, along with the news today that the Santa Clara DA's office is filing three mesdemeanor charges against him for DUI with a prior, hit and run, and vandalism under $400. Though if he were to go elsewhere, he would have to start over in an unfamiliar place.

No word on what his incentives are, but you can bet if he is convicted of his charges and is suspended, he won't reach the majority of them.