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Report: Pac Man Jones won't be suspended for hit on helmetless Amari Cooper

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Adam Jones, a.k.a the player formerly known as PacMan, avoided a suspension for his 2nd quarter "assault" of WR Amari Cooper in Sunday's season opener in Oakland.

Raiders' WR Amari Cooper makes the catch and runs past Bengals' Adam Jones during the 1st quarter.
Raiders' WR Amari Cooper makes the catch and runs past Bengals' Adam Jones during the 1st quarter.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

There were plenty of ugly plays during the Raiders 33-13 season opening loss to the Bengals, but one went from ugly to violent in a matter of seconds. Raiders' FB Jamize Olawale took a handoff and went 60 yards early in the second quarter, but the play was called back due to a holding penalty. However, it was Bengals' CB Adam Jones's reaction to the blocking of Amari Cooper that drew the most attention.

Jones, obviously upset with Cooper's blocking, slapped off the rookies' helmet and slammed his head into the helmet while on top of the rookie. This led Austin Howard coming to the aid of his teammate Cooper, which set off an altercation near where the play had ended. Jones was penalized but as our own Levi Damien noted, despite the official being there to see it, he wasn't ejected for his actions.

After the game, Cooper didn't seem too upset with the play saying, "This is football. It's a physical game, so I kinda expect it...that's what they're supposed to do." But, some thought that Jones deserved to be ejected and possibly suspended the following Monday.

Well, the NFL had time to look over the tape and sources have reported that the league has decided Jones' actions deserve nothing more than a fine as he is not expected to be suspended according to Pro Football Talk.

Cooper may not have thought much of Jones attack, but for the game officials to not discipline Jones and the NFL to just fine him shows a lack of consistency and concern for a player's health. Jones has a history of unsportsmanlike play and had been considered one of the "dirty" players in the league. Although he recently lost that title, Jones has still showed signs of his old self. Sunday's play is a prime example of that and also shows the league's inability to properly hand out discipline on a consistent basis.

Luckily for Cooper and the Raiders, the rookie receiver was unscathed and finished the game. If that wasn't the case, then the league and Jones would have more issues to worry about.

To view the play and actions of Jones, watch the vine below and decide for yourself if a fine is enough.