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Updated Report: Raiders Nate Allen has torn MCL, Woodson dislocated shoulder

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If you thought the game yesterday couldn't get any worse, it appears that it did. Both of the Raiders starting Safeties Nate Allen and Charles Woodson left the game against the Cincinnati Bengals with possibly serious injuries. Nate Allen's injury came in the 2nd quarter and Charles Woodson's injury came at the very end of the blowout loss.

Now, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Raiders fear that starting S Nate Allen may have torn his ACL. If true, it would be a season ending injury for Allen. They also are still awaiting an MRI on the "other" starting S Charles Woodson.

In general, when teams say they "fear" that a player may have torn their ACL it usually ends up being true. It is a devastating blow to an already weary team if confirmed.

UPDATE: The MRI revealed Allen has a torn MCL, according to Ian Rapoport

If the Raiders did lose Allen for the season they will have to make a move either via free agency or maybe even trade to get another safety in the mix. Their replacement for Allen is a player who was claimed from the Seahawks when they cut him after Week 3 of the preseason, Keenan Lambert.

Charles Woodson's injury could be just as serious with him being in obvious pain leaving the field yesterday. When we hear news about his MRI we will be sure to relay the information as quickly as possible, however at this point it is very hard to imagine any good news coming from it. If he misses any time he will be replaced by Larry Asante.

UPDATE: Woodson's injury revealed to be a dislocated shoulder which will have him likely out two weeks.