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Raiders week 1 Ballers & Busters vs Bengals

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Many times over the years, the Raiders have put forth a performance that was so ugly, I wasn't sure I would be able to find anyone worthy of being called Baller. This was one such game.

From the first snap of the game, the Raiders looked terrible. They opened the game on a three and out and then the Bengals marched down the field on their opening possession to score a touchdown. That would essentially continue for three plus quarters until the Bengals were up 33-0 and cruised to the win with a final score of 33-13.

The Raiders were outplayed across the board by the Bengals. There's no need to go into great detail about that, because you just need to think of every area of the game and know they were beaten in that area by the Bengals.

There have been times in the past where there were no Ballers to speak of. Although not very many. This was not one of those times.


Justin Tuck

The veteran defensive end was every bit the leader this team needs in this game on and off the field. He gave it his all on the field, and made no excuses in the locker room afterward.  The most interesting stat for Tuck was his three batted balls at the line. He knocked down two Andy Dalton passes and blocked an extra point try. He had five run stuffs in the game - one for one yard, two for no gain and one for a loss. He added a tackle for a loss of five on a dump pass.

Dan Williams

At times, it was like big Dan Williams was trying to do everything on his own. Justin Ellis left early in the game with an ankle injury and didn't return, leaving Williams to slide over to nose tackle and he had a great game holding his position. He had four tackles in the game; all for no more than two yards. On the Bengals first drive of the third quarter, he burst through into the backfield, causing his man to be called for holding. They couldn't make up for the lost yardage. Early in the fourth, he got push on his man and got up to bat a pass down to help force another punt.

TJ Carrie

What would this team do without TJ Carrie? The 2014 seventh round pick is easily the best cornerback on this roster and he continues to separate himself in that title. His first big play was early in the second quarter when he stopped AJ Green in the open field on a pass in the flat for no gain on third and four. The Bengals were threatening to put another touchdown on the board and were forced to settle for a chip shot field goal instead.

Later in the second quarter, with the Bengals knocking on the door again a the 13-yard line, Carrie had a pass defended to force third down. Dalton went elsewhere to get the Bengals' third touchdown.

Late in the third quarter, following a Matt McGloin fumble that gave the Bengals the ball at the 18-yard-line, Carrie made short work of them. He had another open field tackle, this time on the running back for a 2-yard gain. Then on third down, he had tight coverage to force an incompletion. They would settle for a field goal. He stopped the next Bengals series with a tackle on a catch short of the first down marker.

All told, Carrie gave up just one catch for positive yards in the game. He was fourth on the team with 6 tackles (5 solo).

Honorable Mention

Marcel Reece - He started the day with a drop and ended it with two touchdown receptions. Unfortunately, those touchdowns came way too late to do anything put look good in the stat column.

Jamize Olawale - We always talk about the athleticism of Reece, but Olawale has some moves and speed of his own. He had a nice move on a defender and ran for 60 yards, but it was called back by a holding penalty that didn't even affect the play. He added three catches for 19 yards.

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