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Raiders place Nate Allen on IR with designation to return, re-sign CJ Wilson

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Tony Gonzales, Oakland Raiders

Early in Sunday's game against the Bengals, Nate Allen left with an injured knee. Monday it was revealed to be a torn MCL which is actually better than the initial fear of it being a torn ACL. A torn ACL would have meant he was lost for the season. The torn MCL has a shorter rehab process so the Raiders have placed him on Injured Reserve with Designation to return.

That means Allen is out for at least 8 weeks, which would have him returning to the field no earlier than the team's November 15 home game against the Minnesota Vikings. Allen is allowed to practice for in six weeks time.

His open roster spot is filled by Taylor Mays who the team welcomes back after he had been among the final roster cuts earlier this month.

In another move, the Raiders brought back defensive lineman C.J. Wilson who was also released in the final roster cuts. Wilson spent last season on the team and had signed a 2-year deal this offseason. His return signals that Justin Ellis, who left Sunday's game with an ankle injury, will likely miss some time.