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Adam Jones gets $35k fine for assault on Amari Cooper, will appeal

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Each new detail of this story sounds like the next in the buildup to the punchline of a joke. Adam Jones aka "Pacman" didn't like getting blocked down the field by rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper and Cooper getting a bit rough with him so Pacman takes Cooper down, sits on his chest, rips Cooper's helmet off, grabs Cooper's head and smashes it against his own helmet.

Whoa, that's an ejectable act.

He wasn't ejected.

Oh. The refs must have missed it.

No, three refs were right there and threw the flag the moment they saw it.

Well, at least the Bengals were penalized.

Actually, no, they weren't because then the refs threw the flag for another Raiders player defending his teammate so the penalties offset.

The league will review it. A suspension is coming.

They said they won't be suspending Jones and cited the fact that it happened on the field (as opposed to where? The parking lot?), he didn't swing Cooper's helmet (he swung Cooper's head into his helmet. Completely different), and Cooper wasn't injured.

Sounds like they made all that up. But why? It's not like this is one-time lapse in judgment for Pacman.


Anyway, a hefty fine is forthcoming.

He was fined $35,000.

Wow. That's nothing to an NFL player. He must be counting his blessings right about now.

He's appealing. In fact, he feels downright righteous in his actions, calling it a "football play"

Adam Pacman Jones

Da Fuq?!