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Jack Del Rio on Charles Woodson status vs Ravens: "Guys can play with shoulder" injuries "We'll just see"

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On the final play of last Sunday's game (that wasn't a kneel down) Charles Woodson injured his shoulder on a tackle attempt. It turned out he had a dislocated shoulder, which was met with a great deal of speculation on his timetable for return.

The estimates as to how long Woodson would be out ranged from being out "an extended period of time" to  him not missing a game. As Jack Del Rio explains it, that all depends on the severity of the injury and the player who experiences it.

"When you get hurt, it's serious for the guy that's dealing with it," said Del Rio. "We're playing the Ravens. I coached the linebackers there when Peter Boulware was with the team. He had a shoulder one year that would pop out on the field and he'd pop it back in. Guys can play with shoulder [injuries], depending on the severity of it. We'll just see how the week progresses and whether or not he's ready to go."

Woodson wants to play. It was the reason he was even on the field for that final meaningless play Sunday. It's hard to keep a future Hall of Famer like him off the field. Even though he was officially not participating in practice today, the Raiders couldn't keep him off the practice field either. He came out in uniform, without pads and helmet and warmed up with his teammates.

It's all part of him lobbying to play this Sunday versus the Ravens.

"He's a competitive guy," said Del Rio. "You don't play as long as he has without being very prideful and very competitive."

That being said, he would probably have to practice at some point this week to play in the game this weekend. Saying Del Rio "Even guys that are very accomplished need practice. Absolutely."

The Raiders have two more practices this week Thursday and Friday.