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Mark Davis squashes rumors, says 50 markers will be gold for Raiders next home game

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was noted this week that the Raiders were the only team in the NFL that hadn't painted the 50s at midfield gold to commemorate Super Bowl 50. That's when the rumors began to fly that the Raiders were making a statement to the NFL. Mark Davis today set out to put an end to those rumors.

In a report from the Sports Business Journal, the Raiders originally asked specifically not to paint the field markers gold for the entire season.

"The Raiders have asked us not to do that," said Chris Wright, AEG Facilities VP and the Coliseum's GM. AEG runs the stadium shared by the Raiders and the A's. "It has nothing to do with baseball. The last six home baseball games are through this weekend, and there will be no gold marks for the rest of the Raiders' regular season."

It would appear the Raiders changed course and opted to paint the markers gold after all. Or perhaps alternately there was a miscommunication.

Speculation ranged from the Raiders being upset they weren't getting the assistance necessary for their stadium needs, to not wanting gold paint on their field representing a Super Bowl being held in Levi's Stadium which is the home of their cross-bay Rival 49ers.

Jack Del Rio was asked about the reports, and his response was "That's not part of my decision-making. We're Silver & Black, I know that."

Davis went on to say the 50s will be painted gold once the team returns home to play the Broncos in three weeks because the A's season will have ended by then. The Raiders shield will also be at midfield, which it hadn't been for the two home games to open the season.

It's always fun to say "There are 31 NFL teams and then there's the Raiders." But, according to Mark Davis the Raiders being the only team in the NFL without the gold 50s had more to do with the Raiders being the only team in the NFL to still play in a two-sport stadium. That's another issue altogether.