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Raiders pass rushers sack up vs Browns

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Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Over the first two games of the season, the Raiders were sackless. One of just two teams in the league without a sack (Chicago Bears were the other). On the final play of the first quarter of week three, the Raiders finally got their sack. And they took the confidence of finally having a sack, and piled on the Browns the rest of the day.

That first sack came from an unexpected source. It was Ray-Ray Armstrong who got in the Browns' backfield and while Josh McCown attempted to flee the pocket, he fell down. Ray Ray touched him down and therefore the sack was his. That counts. It was the first sack of Ray Ray's career.

Now that Ray Ray had popped that cherry, it opened the floodgates and the Raiders added four more sacks in the game, to finish with five sacks where once there was none.

The next sack came from Malcolm Smith early in the third quarter. It happened on 3rd and 9 and forced the Browns to punt.

Early in the fourth quarter,Khalil Mack got on track. He sacked McCown on the first play of the drive and then sacked him again on the last play. The second one was a strip sack which the Browns were fortunate to recover so they could at least get a field goal out of it.

Then on the second to last play of the game, with the Raiders clinging to a 27-20 lead, rookie LB Neiron Ball got his first career sack. It was the second to last play because it put the Browns in 3rd and 14 and McCown was intercepted trying to pick up the yardage by Charles Woodson with :38 left. In 11 seconds time it was Ball sack, CWood Pick, Carr kneel, Game over.