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Raiders week 3 Ballers & Busters: Part two

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The second part of the Raiders week 3 Ballers & Busters

Jason Miller/Getty Images


DJ Hayden

The Browns weren't getting much on offense in the first half. When they got things going late in the second quarter was also when Hayden began giving up catches. On their first scoring drive, he gave up a short catch and missed the tackle as it went for 17 yards to put the Browns in the red zone.

He didn't give up any catches on the Browns' first touchdown drive, but their next one, he gave up an 11-yard catch to put them in first and goal at the 4-yard-line, and then surrendered the touchdown. On the final Browns' drive to try and tie it up in the final two minutes, Hayden gave up a 10-yard catch, and a catch and missed tackle that resulted in an 18-yard gain.

That's a five catches given up for 60 yards and touchdown. Not the line you usually expected from a top Buster, but with many of the culprits in this game also making enough positive plays to earn a spot in the Betweeners, that's just how things shook out.

Neiko Thorpe

With TJ Carrie playing safety in this one, Thorpe was given the start at corner. Thorpe gave up the first big play by the Browns. It came on third and 6 and went for 17 yards at the end of the first quarter. The drive didn't go any farther than that, though.

Like most of the Raiders' defenders, the first half was pretty solid. Thorpe really began giving up plays in the fourth quarter. On one drive, he was burnt to give up a 41-yard catch. Next play he gave up a 9-yard catch. The drive resulted in a field goal.

Their next drive led to a touchdown following the Cooper fumble and was set up by a 16-yard catch given up by Thorpe that put them at the 15-yard-line.

Mychal Rivera

He was invisible in the pass game, with just one target that fell incomplete. The rest of his day consisted of being flagged for holding, flagged for a false start, and giving up a run stuff. The holding set the Raiders back on the first drive, putting them in first and 20. The false start began their second drive, putting them in first and 15. The run stuff came late in the third quarter and ended up requiring the Raiders converting a third down. For all the talk about the tight ends getting on track, Rivera had no catches in this game and has 4 catches for 19 yards on the season. Even Lee Smith had a catch in this one for 8 yards.

David Amerson

The new addition to the team, he was the team's nickel corner. On the Browns' first touchdown drive, he gave up two-straight catches for 17 yards. On their next scoring drive, he was called for holding that put the Browns in Raiders' territory. Then with 1:30 left in the game and the Browns driving, Amerson gave up a 15-yard catch to set them up at the Oakland 46-yard-line.

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