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Raiders vs Seahawks preseason finale game time

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

They are set to kick off in Seattle with the Raiders in town to take on the Seahawks. The game kicks off at 7:00pm Pacific (10pm ET). We should see some premium effort from both teams tonight as many of the players out there will be fighting for their NFL lives. Either to make their team's current roster or to make a final positive impression on other teams who will be scanning the waiver wire.

To find out how you can watch the game here.

You can see our game preview article here.

The 'winner' of this one is far less important than the individual performances. But as Don Henley once sang "This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend", because after this, the next time the Raiders take the field, nothing will mean more than the W-L columns.

For now, let's hope to not fill up the injury list so this team can enter the regular season as close to full strength as possible.