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Raiders starters sit, backups take a dump early vs Seahawks

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Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Raiders' starting offensive line looked bad last week, you should see their backups this week. Oof, it was bad. They weren't blocking anything in the run game or protecting in the pass game.

Ponder started the game for the Raiders and did absolutely nothing along with the rest of the offense. His best shot was Brice Butler streaking up the right sideline wide open and Ponder threw an arching pass well short, causing Butler to have to stop and wait for it. The defender recover and the ball arrived just ahead of the defender and Bulter couldn't handle it.

The defense wasn't any better. Russell Wilson came out and on his second play, connected with Tyler Lockett on a 63-yard touchdown strike. And Wilson's day was done. But the Seahawks weren't done scoring.

The second quarter gave way to Matt McGloin who was sacked in the endzone, having the ball knocked out of his hand as he threw. The Seahawks recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchdown to make it 17-0.

Coming back in, McGloin mounted a 7-minute, 15 play drive in which he had to throw two touchdown passes to Seth Roberts. The first one Roberts bobbled on his way to the ground and it was ruled incomplete. Two plays later, he hit Roberts again in the back right corner of the end zone to get the Raiders on the board.

The two teams headed into half time with the Seahawks up 17-7.

Raiders running backs have a total of 8 yards on 12 carries. Ten of those yards (yes, I know I said 8 total yards) were on one Michael Dyer run.