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Jack Del Rio wants Raiders to beat mentor John Fox Bears

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Jon Durr/Getty Images

This Sunday, Jack Del Rio will face off against the one man in the NFL ranks who may know him better than anyone else - John Fox. Del Rio got his first coordinator job under Fox in Carolina and after Del Rio's 9 seasons as head coach in Jacksonville, he rejoined Fox as defensive coordinator with the Broncos.

Since then, Del Rio left to become the head coach in Oakland, and Fox was let go and was hired to be the head coach of the Bears. Now just months after being on the same coaching staff, they face off as opposing head coaches.

It's a match-up that heightens Del Rio's urge to come out victorious.

"That just adds to it," Del Rio said of facing his old coach. "Look, it was that way when we started with Cincy with [Bengals head coach] Marvis [Lewis]. I've known Marvin, been good friends with Marvin. You wanna beat the guys you know real bad. That's just how it is. He wants to beat me real bad, I wanna beat him real bad. So, we'll get our teams prepared. I wish it could be him and I wrestling on the 50, but that's not gonna come. I think Foxxy might still take me, he's a pretty tough guy, but... No, it's going to be our two teams going at each other so it should be a good battle."

Everyone got a good laugh out of Del Rio's comments, but he has a point. That being that it may be a match-up of coaches, but he can't take the field and play the game. This one will ultimately be decided by the players on the field.

Though, you can bet the chess match will be intense between these two coaches who know each other so very well.