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Raiders vs Bears week 4 broadcast maps: What areas are showing the game

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The Bears and Raiders face off this week. See the above map for the coverage area which comes from the fine folks at The Raiders vs Bears game is in red.

Here are the detailed coverage areas:

1. California - All across Northern and Central portion including as far south as Santa Barbara and Bakersfield.
2. Nevada - The Northeastern portion including Reno
3. Oregon - Excluding some pockets in Eastern Oregon.
4. Washington - Southern portion of the state including the Tri-Cities. Does not include Seattle and Spokane.
5. Illinois - Most of the northern and central part of the state as far south as Springfield.
6. Wisconsin - Entire state
7. Michigan - Nearly entire state excluding small pocket in southeast.
8. Indiana - Northern portion including South Bend along Illinois and Michigan border
9. Minnesota - Nearly entire state excluding small pocket in southwest.
10. North Dakota - Eastern portion of the state. Does not include Bismark.
11. Iowa - Eastern portion including Cedar Rapids
12. Tri-state area of southern Illinois, eastern Missouri, western tip of Kentucky

To see which games all the colors on the map represent, head over to