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Report: Raiders expected to release QB Christian Ponder

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Among the first reported cuts for the Raiders to get down to the final 53-man roster, the Raiders are expected to release veteran quarterback Christian Ponder, according to ESPN's Adam Caplan.

The Raiders had signed Ponder this offseason with a $1.5 million bonus which they will absorb in dead money. They are still over $20 million under the salary cap, so the dead money is not an issue.

Ponder had held been the Raiders' 2nd team quarterback all through training camp and preseason, but had been outplayed this preseason by third year quarterback, Matt McGloin who led the team this preseason in every passing category, having his best game Thursday night when he and Ponder shared equal reps.

In four preseason games, Ponder went 22 for 35 for 235 yards and one touchdown and one interception.

For now the Raiders have two quarterbacks on the roster in Derek Carr and McGloin. They could look to the waiver wire to add a third or stand pat with Carr and McGloin heading into the season.