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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 8: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Oakland Raiders

It's final cutdown day today. Tomorrow the Raiders hit the practice field for their first practice in preparation for the season opener. College football officially is in full swing today. It's an exciting time. Now just 8 days until the Raiders regular season opener, we look at...

Who wore it best: P Ray Guy (1973-86)

This former first round pick transformed the punter position in the NFL. Before he came along, there were no full time, pure punters. The terms "Hang time" and "Coffin corner" didn't exist in the football lexicon until Ray Guy. He became such a weapon in the punting game, it forced every other team to find a pure punter of their own.

Guy spent 14 years with the Raiders, helping them win all three of their Super Bowls. He has always been known as far and away the best punter of his era and arguably the best all time. Though the Pro Football Hall of Fame spent 23 years keeping him out. It wasn't until last year that the senior committee recognized Guy and finally inducted the most legendary punter in NFL history in. But in truth, he has been a Hall of Fame player for decades.

Who's wearing it now: No one

Who wore it last: QB Cody Fajardo wore the number 8 throughout camp. He was released in the first round of cuts. Matt Schaub wore it last season as the backup quarterback and holder on field goals.