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Devon Wylie's short time with Raiders comes to an end

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the final days of training camp, the Raiders added Devon Wylie to the mix as a kick returner. Today he bid farewell to the team on which he spent the past few weeks.

Wylie is a former fourth round pick who was a college teammate of Derek Carr in 2011 -- Wylie's senior season and Carr's first season as starting QB at Fresno State.

"He'll have a chance to compete, slot receiver, punt returner, those types of things," said Del Rio after the addition of Wylie. "He's got some quickness. He was a guy that, a few years back, had a decent draft grade. He's been around a little bit. We'll give him a chance to compete."

Wylie took over as the primary kick returner in the preseason when the team cut Trindon Holliday. He looked like a very steady return man against the Seahawks in the preseason finale.