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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 6: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Mike Powell/Getty Images

Happy Labor Day. I hope most of you are not working today and are reading this while relaxing with your family at home. Perhaps with a barbecue going. Here's some good news for you; we're now inside a week from the Raiders' regular season opener. And there won't be a Sunday without football again until February 14 of 2016. To mark the occasion, we look at the best to wear number 6 for the Raiders.

Who wore it best: P Jeff Gossett (1988-96)

Though Gossett spent most of his 9-year career with the Raiders wearing number 7, he wore number 6 his first three seasons with the team. But instead of giving him the nod at two different numbers, we gave this one-time All Pro punter the nod at number 6. We all know Ray Guy and Shane Lechler to be the two best punters in NFL history with both having played for the Raiders. Well, the next guy on the list as far as Raiders punters is Jeff Gossett whose 26,747 career punting yards ranks 3rd all-time in Raiders history, just behind Lechler and Guy. In total, Gossett spent 16 years in the NFL as a punter. He spent his first seven seasons with the Chiefs, Browns, and Oilers before spending the final nine seasons with the Raiders.

Who's wearing it now: No one

Who wore it last: As of two days ago, kicker Giorgio Tavecchio was wearing it. He was released in the final round of cuts. Prior to that... Pryor. Terrelle Pryor, that is, wore the number 6 until the coaching staff let the JaMarcus Russell stink wear off the number 2 and Pryor switched to that number for the 2013 season.