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NFL Playoffs Seahawks at Vikings Wild card game time, TV schedule

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Day two of the playoffs gets underway this morning with the Seahawks in Antarctica to freeze their nubs off. Wait, I'm being told they are in Minnesota where they right now it minus nine degrees. The game kicks off at 10:05am Pacific (1:05pm ET) on NBC.

They like to say these kind of extreme temperatures favor the home team, but I'm not sure this really favors anyone. I wouldn't expect a lot of high flying offense and probably some fumbles as well.

In the first two playoff games on Saturday, the home team lost both games. The Texans force fed the Chiefs their first playoff game in 22 years with Brian Hoyer turning the ball over five times. The Bengles came back to take the lead with under two minutes, but a fumble gave the Steelers the ball back and two personal fouls by Vontaze Burfict and Pac Man Jones put them in field goal range to hand them the win.

We'll see if the visitor win trend can continue or if the Vikings can break it like their Gjallarhorn broke during pregame.