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Breaking: Rams alone Inglewood proposal off the table

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The first vote was held at the owners meetings in Houston today. It resulted in one of the two original proposals to be dropped from the ballot. No longer is the proposal for the Rams to head to Inglewood on their own a possibility.

With the LA Relocation Committee behind it, the Raiders and Chargers joint proposal in Carson is still on the ballot. Joining that proposal will be the one Jerry Jones added to the mix which has the Chargers teaming up with the Rams in Inglewood.

What this means is the previous consensus that no matter what happens in LA the Chargers would be part of it, is definitely the case. It's just a question of with which team they will share a stadium and where that stadium will be.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos is pushing hard for the proposal in Carson, while many think if Spanos and Kroenke can come to an agreement on a plan to team up in Inglewood, that would be the best of both worlds. Roger Goodell and the NFL certainly prefer that outcome and they can exert a great deal of influence if need be.

Kroenke's $2.66 billion stadium project plan in Inglewood is impressive and the league would very much like to have that plan move forward. What's amazing is that after so much time, these owners essentially have had a matter of days to consider this new proposal and hours upon which to reach a majority vote.

Should they go with the Carson plan, the Rams would be out. And Stan Kroenke is not expected to take that news lightly after burning every bridge he has in St Louis in his fight to move the Rams (back) to LA.

Should they go with the new Inglewood proposal, the Raiders would be left to head back to Oakland and try to figure out what they are going to do next. It seems most likely that would mean working out something to get a new stadium in Oakland, though there's no guarantee.

The NFL has said they would lower the relocation fee for the team that is left out of the Los Angeles move, which could help facilitate the Raiders to attempt to head to another city. San Diego and San Antonio look to be the most likely cities where the Raiders could attempt another move should they reach a stalemate in Oakland.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The owners will vote again on this, most likely stringing into Wednesday to see if one of these plans can be approved.