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Report: First vote favors Rams shared Inglewood plan over Raiders, Chargers Carson plan

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The first round of votes went down on Tuesday as the NFL owners work to approve one of the two plans on the ballot in the league's Los Angeles relocation efforts. And the early reports have the proposal for the Rams shared stadium in Inglewood as receiving more votes. This according to Sam Farmer of the LA Times.

Notable in Farmer's statement is that he does not say Rams/Chargers but rather Rams/TBD which suggests the vote was simply on a shared stadium, but not that it could be either the Chargers or Raiders with whom the stadium is shared.

As Farmer notes, neither plan has the votes necessary, so there will be more votes ahead to work out the details. Mostly likely there will be some out-of-the-room discussions and probably some deals made to coerce certain owners to change their minds.

In the weeks and hours up to now, the shared stadium in Carson between the Raiders and Chargers had more support. Some of that was by owners who simply preferred there be two teams in Los Angeles -- which the Carson plan had -- as opposed to just one -- which was the case with the Rams in Inglewood.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos also has a lot of support among owners for him to make the move to Los Angeles which is what Jerry Jones put in his written proposal last week and what most see as the likely pairing should the Carson project fail to receive the votes.

At least one more vote will happen and perhaps several more votes. Stay tuned.