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Breaking: Raiders NOT headed to Los Angeles, Rams (and perhaps) Chargers to Inglewood

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In what for some people may be the most important announcement of their lives, commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to make it official shortly - the two teams which will inhabit Los Angeles will be the Rams with the Chargers having the option to join them according to multiple reports. That leaves the Raiders and headed back to Oakland.

It has been a year since the Raiders and Chargers first put their plans together on a shared stadium in Carson. The deal was struck as a response to Rams owner Stan Kroenke's plan to build a new stadium in Inglewood.

As the three owners made their plans and pled their respective cases, along with the current home markets or St Louis, Oakland, and San Diego, it all led up to this day when the owners would convene and take a vote as to which project and which team(s) to approve to make the jump.

That meeting happened today and the decision came sooner than most people thought. Rams to Inglewood alone was off the ballot before the first vote. That vote was in favor of Kroenke sharing his stadium while the Raiders and Chargers opted out of their agreement on their shared Carson project and the Raiders withdrew their relocation request.

In the end, the league gets just what they wanted. They got Kroenke and his money paired with Spanos who they didn't want to rob out of the rights to the Southern California market. And knowing appeasing the Raiders would be the easiest to do, they send him away with promises to financially assist him in either getting his new stadium in Oakland or relocating somewhere else down the road.

Not that I need to tell any fans in Oakland this, but be very thankful. There are a lot of fans who had their team ripped from them tonight. You get to keep your team with a chance of that opportunity leading to a new stadium in the future.

Now there's just that pesky A's problem.