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Raiders golden parachute: NFL offers $100 million toward stadium in Oakland

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With the Raiders headed back to Oakland, the NFL wanted to make sure they could do that with their head held high as opposed to with their tail between their legs. To do that, they will throw $100 million of additional funding toward a stadium in their home market, according to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross at the owners meetings today.

With the Chargers given the option of joining the Rams now or attempting to work out a deal in San Diego, they have been offered the same deal as the Raiders. The Chargers will have a year to join the Rams in Los Angeles at which point the Raiders would be given another crack at joining the Rams.

This also means we could be revisiting the Raiders LA relocation at this time next year should the Chargers not opt in before then.

For now the Raiders head back to the negotiating table $100 million closer to their funding goals. When they left the table, there was a $400 million funding gap. Lowering it to $300 million could be fairly significant.