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Rival Report 1/13: Rams spurn St Louis, head to the City of Angels

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There are a lot of unhappy people in the NFL world right now, most notably fans in St Louis Missouri who just saw the historic vote that removed their football team from their grasps. Head over to Turf Show Times, the SB Nation Rams blog, and you will see the wreckage that was the St Louis Rams fan base.

They are in the worst situation by far out of any of the three fan bases that could have moved to LA because the Rams are leaving their State altogether to a new city that is over 1,800 miles away. The effect from the decision to relocate is as drastic as it comes, their blog is already a virtual ghost town after the news came down.

Raiders fans are not happy with the "golden parachute" of a $100M to help stay in Oakland, but in reality it could have been much, much worse. Just look to the midwest to see what true loss feels like to those poor NFL fans there. Their fan base isn't just upset right now, they are disintegrating to dust and understandably.

When Stan Kroenke purchased the Rams he was all gusto about how he was a Missouri man and that the Rams were staying but it was all just bravado. The moment he had a chance to leave he booked his flight and never looked back. In doing so he has changed the landscape of the NFL altogether.

That was his right, he has spent a lot of money to be put into the position that he is in today. Now he heads to a city that has one of their lead writers for their biggest newspaper already rolling out a welcome mat that seems more made out of thorns than carpet. It will work out just fine for him anyway, but for the fans left devastated in St Louis this is now a nightmare that has come to life.

Bill Plaschke: The big, bad NFL will have to play by L.A.'s rules - LA Times

First, we didn't ask you to come back. Oh, we may have whined occasionally during Super Bowl weeks, but we didn't hold giant rallies or send emotional letters or really miss you that much.

The NFL Doesn't Care About Fans - Turf Show Times

Whatever keeps the machine moving is all that matters. Even if it's the opposite of what matters to you.

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