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Why being passed over for relocation is bad for Raiders

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Here's why being spurned in relocating to Los Angeles spells doom for the Oakland Raiders.

Greetings, Raider fans! It is I, Raiderdamus, and I'm here to explain to you all why the NFL not allowing the Raiders to move to Los Angeles is the worst possible thing that could have happened to them. I've been a Raider fan for a very long time and seen the league treat this team with nothing but disdain, and this newest development is more of the same.

It was said on NFL Network that there was a lot of resistance amongst NFL ownership to allowing the Raiders into the Los Angeles market. What are the owners afraid of? Do they still hold memories of the civil unrest of the late 1980s and early 1990s? Haven't they watched Ice Cube movies lately, where he plays a cop more often than not? Or are they just unwilling to hand over the second largest market in the country to a team they don't like, and perceive as second-class?

I don't have any problem with the Rams being relocated to LA. They were born there and they will die there. St. Louis is a miserable place that anyone should want to leave. But the Chargers? After everything Dean Spanos did to alienate San Diego, which is everything short of going on the local news and telling the city to go screw itself?

The Chargers don't deserve anything. Their betrayal must not stand. They should be relocated to Fargo, North Dakota so they can freeze their nuts off while being the second most popular football team in their city behind FCS National Champions North Dakota State University. Go Bison. The next time the Chargers are champions will be the first.

While I would contend that the NFL's screwing of the Raiders is unbelievable, I must admit that it is completely believable.The league has treated the Raiders like red headed stepchildren since their inception. At least Roger Goodell gave Mark Davis some cash for his troubles, while Pete Rozelle would have just given him the finger.

The Raiders now have nowhere to play for next season (which looks to be a promising one, given their schedule) as they have no current lease on the horrifyingly decrepit Coliseum, which my infant daughter could come up with a better name for given five minutes and a set of crayons.

We all read the Oakland Mayor's Office's press release after the NFL vote, saying how they were excited to get working with the Raiders on a new stadium plan. You and I both know they are full of shit.

Even with the $100 million the Raiders are going to have to go this alone and Mark's going to have to sell part of the team. California taxes are already too high with little to no reasonable return on investment. The state and local governments are all too happy to raise your taxes so schools can teach sex education to first graders and fund lengthy studies that spend millions to show that being homeless is bad for your health or spend $25,000 to hire a PR firm to change the name of UC Berkeley's law school from the "Boalt Hall School of Law" to the "UC Berkeley School of Law" (I would have suggested this for a mere $15,000), but heaven forbid any citizen of Oakland spent fifty dollars a year in taxes to replace that shithole the Raiders have been forced to play in for decades.

Moving to Los Angeles, even as a tenant to the Rams or sharing with the Chargers, would have increased the value of the Raiders exponentially. Now they're still just a poor team with a poor-ish owner (compared to his fellow owners, not compared to you). They're stuck in an untenable situation where they can't move to Los Angeles and they can't trust the local government to help them build a stadium so they will be less poor and they can't build one themselves.

Their only real option if Oakland proves as chickenshit as they've always been is to move out of California. That won't be easy either, as Jerry Jones won't want them moving to San Antonio in what he perceives as his territory and Portland may not be ready to support an NFL team and might not get the chance because it's technically Seahawks territory. Is Las Vegas an option? I reckon we'll find out sooner than later.

To continue on their upward trajectory, the Raiders will need to continue to sign quality free agents at reasonable price points. Doing this in Los Angeles would have been ten times easier than in Oakland. That stadium in Inglewood has some really impressive concept art, and I'm sure it will be a real wonder when it's all finished. Any free agent would jump at the chance to play in a place like that. Nobody is jumping at the chance to play at the Coliseum, unless maybe they have a cousin who's a plumber and needs the extra work.

The Raiders should have been allowed to move, no matter what those fans holding "Stay In Oakland" signs say. Those people are the same people that have voted the same hippie douchenozzles into office for the last fifty years, and they deserve everything they get. 'Definition of insanity' and all that.

This team has been held hostage by a city that doesn't want them but won't let them go. Now just like a bad Lifetime Channel movie, if Oakland can't have them nobody will have them.

Many of you will point to the $100M from the NFL, call it a pittance, and blame Roger Goodell and the league for this miscarriage of justice. But the NFL has rules, this isn't Vietnam.

If Raiders fans want to whine and bitch about anything, they should bitch about the incompetence of their own city leaders that they keep voting for and take a long hard look at Al Davis, whom we all laud as a maverick who wouldn't back down to the NFL's cronyism and elitism. The fact of the matter is that Al Davis was a stubborn old goat even when he was young, and should have learned how to play ball with his colleagues.

How did he think this was going to go for his family after he passed? Did he honestly think that Mark would never need any help from fellow NFL owners, or that they might treat him differently because he wasn't Al?

Al Davis was a pioneer of football, a great coach and a great man, but he burned every bridge he ever crossed with the NFL and now it's biting his beloved team, his very legacy in the ass. Al Davis never cared about the NFL, the only thing he ever cared about was the Raiders. He must have forgotten they are a team in the NFL and sometimes, what is good for the NFL is good for the Raiders.

Mark Davis is a good man who should not have to pay for how much of a dickhead his father was to the owners Mark is having to deal with currently, but that is what's happening right now. We all saw how upset Mark was after the vote, but we are the ones that are going to suffer for it. The Raiders, and we the fans, deserve better.

This vote is a bunch of crap and we should all be pissed off and start throwing our poo against the wall. The Raiders are basically stuck right now and are at the mercy of Oakland city leadership, which is a lot like being at the mercy of a warden in a Cambodian prison.

It's a good thing Raider Nation is worldwide, because the Raiders could be playing in Cambodia next season for all we know, and then only a certain ship-owning member of our family here at Silver and Black Pride will be able to see them play. Except, of course, for that one game we may be playing on the moon at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Hey, does Mexico need an NFL team? Oakland isn't using theirs.

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