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Poll: Is Raiders being left out of LA stadium bid is a good thing or a bad thing?

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Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

By now most of you have heard the details surrounding the Raiders being turned down for Los Angeles relocation. Their plan with the Chargers was voted down while the Rams Inglewood plan was approved with Chargers open to join them. The Raiders now return to Oakland still facing the same challenges they faced before, but with $100 million more to work with as a consolation prize from the NFL.

Since the news came out, I have seen a lot of varying and opposing opinions as to whether this news is good or not.

Our own Raiderdamus played the role of Two-face and put out passionately opposing views on the Raiders predicament.

To read up on his argument that this is a GOOD deal for the Raiders, click here.

To read up on his argument that this is a BAD deal for the Raiders, click here.

Once you feel like you have absorbed all the info needed and seen both sides of this heated debate, we want to know where you stand. It's a simple question for a complex situation, so search your feelings and make a choice. You can expand upon your answer in the comments if you like.