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Poll results: Raiders out of Los Angeles bid a good thing (but not overwhelming)

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The results are in and the greater percentage of Raiders fans believe it is a good thing that the Raiders were denied their Los Angeles bid. With 57% of the vote, fans in the poll are pleased with the result of the deal that left the Raiders out of the NFL's plan to move back into the Los Angeles market.

Poll results

The result of the owners' vote was to approve the Rams to relocate back to Los Angeles where they had spent the first 49 years of their existence before pulling up stakes following the 1995 season and heading for St Louis. The caveat is that they must do so with the Chargers should the Chargers not be able to come to a last minute deal that keeps them in San Diego with a new stadium there.

This high stakes game of musical chairs left the Raiders with no place to sit and sent packing with an extra $100 million promised to them should they be able to get something done in Oakland within the next year. Mark Davis made it clear this is not the end and that he will continue to seek out a new stadium whether that be in Oakland or elsewhere. And if the Chargers end up somehow getting a new stadium deal done in San Diego, the Raiders could jump into their place in the Inglewood project this time next year.

From a fan's perspective, the positive attitude is mostly because this at least gives Oakland another shot at getting something done to keep the team while the Raiders options are not completely exhausted to help ensure that deal can get done.

The reason the vote isn't a windfall is partially because there are a good number of fans in Southern California who would have liked to see the Raiders return, and partially because there are still a great many challenges ahead for the Raiders. Challenges that had the city unable to present any kind of plan whatsoever and should nothing change, the team could potentially move even farther away than Southern California.

This is actually about what I expected from the vote. Most fans realize the deal is flawed and guarantees nothing. But for fans in Oakland, and others who are not tied to a city but feel Oakland is where they belong, having a chance of staying put with a new stadium is preferable to the certainty of the team leaving had the vote gone the other way on Tuesday.

Just as we say every offseason; Hope springs eternal.