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Rival Report 1/19: Poll Question - Should NFL adjust Overtime Rules?

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The Green Bay Packers have gone to overtime two years in a row and lost without touching the ball, and their linebacker Clay Matthews III has had enough. He believes that the NFL should adjust their rules to match the college football rules which would have each time given the ball at the 25 yard line and then they would go until one team failed to match the other's scoring drive.

With this comment coming directly after the Packers defense failed to stop their opposing team's offense two years in a row makes it obviously biased, but does he have a point? If the first drive results in a field goal the opponent gets a chance with the ball, but a touchdown still ends the game in sudden death. Is that fair, or should the second team have a chance to match points no matter what?

Scott Van Pelt of ESPN believes that they should change the rules to say that even with a touchdown on the opening drive that the opponent should get a chance to match it. No game would end without both teams having an opportunity on offense in that case, and then after that it goes to true sudden death. This wouldn't be the same as the college rules like Clay Matthews stated he would prefer, but it would be more fair to both teams because no team could lose without having a chance with the ball.

Personally, I would prefer SVP's stance on this. The college rules are fine, but it is very difficult just to get into the red zone for teams and I don't think they should just be given the opportunity to start within scoring position. I do believe that both teams should be given a chance with the ball, but I also could understand the point of view that sudden death is more exciting and that the rules don't need to be adjusted at all.

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt's solution to fix NFL's overtime rules - Business Insider

Scott Van Pelt argues that the NFL could fix its overtime by getting rid of the instant, sudden-death rules and letting both teams try to score a touchdown/

Clay Matthews wants the NFL to adopt college OT rules after Packers lose heartbreaker to Cardinals -
The Packers have been eliminated from the playoffs without touching the ball in OT for two straight years.

Vote in the poll at the bottom of the page on whether you believe the rules should be adjusted!

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