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Pro Football Focus names Raiders Todd Downing QB coach of the year, Mike Tice OL coach runner-up

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Today, Pro Football Focus put out their list of positional coaches of the year. Among them were a couple of new Raiders coaches who PFF credits with the improved players under their charge.

Tops among them is Todd Downing who was named Quarterbacks coach of the year. Here is what they had to say about Downing:

While people saw talent in rookie QB Derek Carr, he was still our 38th of 39 ranked quarterback in 2014. His deep and underneath game was significantly flawed, and his ability to read blitzes remained poor. That completely changed in 2015, turning into a borderline top-10 signal caller whose deep game has improved out of all recognition, with a penchant for taking on extra rushers—his QB rating when blitzed is now 108.7. Downing deserves credit for his part in turning Carr from a borderline case to a franchise-worthy player.

Hard to say exactly how much of Carr's development was just the natural jump from year one to year two, not to mention the instruction he received from Downing's predecessor, John DeFilippo during Carr's rookie season.

Previously, Matt Stafford had his three best season in Detroit while Downing was his QB coach.

Also receiving high marks from PFF was Raiders Mike Tice who was named first runner-up as an Offensive Line coach. PFF ranked the Raiders offensive line sixth in the league last season, their first under Tice, who managed to cobble together the right side of the offensive line despite starter Menelik Watson being lost in preseason, moving Austin Howard to right tackle from right guard, and starting cast-off former tackle J'Marcus Webb at right guard.

The entire unit struggled down the stretch, both in the run and pass game, but PFF remained high on them as well as Tice come season's end.