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Raiders have best NFL logo reimagined as 'professional wrestlers' (of course)

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Just when you thought all the possible reimagining of NFL logos had been spent, another one comes out. And you realize your imagination has no bounds. The latest one over at is that of NFL logos reimagined as 'professional wrestlers'.

As a former REAL wrestler, I am not a big fan of wrestling entertainment. But I definitely remember how much I loved it when I was a kid. I even played the video game on Nintendo and collected the trading cards with my friends. My favorite? Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Hoooooooo!!).

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

For that reason some of these logos brought back some fond memories.

While none of the logos came easier than the New York Andre the Giant, none of them were more accurate and badass than the Oakland Stingers Raiders logo.

Sting in Raiders logo

As the author notes of Sting as the face of the logo;

If you stuck Sting in the Black Hole at an Oakland Raiders game, you wouldn't even know he was a wrestler. He straight-up looks exactly like a Raiders fan. His long reign of popularity and success reminds us of the Raiders of old, before they turned into the west coast Browns.

Sure, the "west coast Browns" remark was not positive (though kinda accurate), they're right. Sting and the Raider Nation would be thick as thieves in the Black Hole. Him or the Undertaker, but they gave the Undertaker to the Chargers logo because of the whole "shoots lightning" thing.

And, sadly, no logos featured ol' Hacksaw (Nooooooooo!!)

To see all the reimagined logos as 'professional wrestlers', click here.