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Raiders to discuss extension with Oakland Coliseum Board

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Los Angeles option for 2016 shot down by owner votes on January 12, the Raiders were immediately forced to consider their options. And with the mere fact that it a year to get their ducks in a row to make that move, when it was taken off the table, the only logical place they would be playing in 2016 was Oakland.

The Oakland Coliseum Board initially contacted Raiders president Marc Badain immediately following the team getting shut out of LA, but were told to hold off for the time being as the Raiders needed a bit of time to cool off.

After ten days of licking their wounds, the Raiders are ready to begin discussing an extension with Coliseum in Oakland.

"The Raiders and ourselves have agreed to sit down and have discussions about a lease extension," Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority executive director Scott McKibben said Thursday, via Matt Artz of the Bay Area News Group.

Monday the Coliseum Board will meet to discuss how to proceed with their talks with the Raiders. Then later this week they will meet with Badain and the Raiders to discuss it.

The lease extension is expected to be for just the 2016 season. After which, if the Raiders have still not gained ground on their hopes to get a stadium deal done in Oakland, they can re-visit relocating. Should the Chargers not move in with the Rams, LA would be back on the table. If not, the top proposed locale would be San Antonio or San Diego.

The expected one-year lease would be the third straight such lease extension the Raiders have signed.