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Rival Report 1/26: Writer of "NFL Confidential" Johnny Anonymous unmasked?

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There has been a book released that was written from an anonymous football player that has absolutely scorched the NFL's treatment of their players. That writer went under the pen name "Johnny Anonymous" and has attempted, so far successfully, to keep his identity secret. That was until one Reddit user did some sleuthing and may have identified the man behind the book.

According to this Reddit user there is one player who matches most of the details that were mentioned in the book about it's mysterious author. That player is Eagles back up Center David Molk. Check out the Bleeding Green Nation post below and the link to the original Reddit post who may or may not have unmasked the writer.

The points that the Reddit user makes that fit the profile of David Molk are as followed:

He's a fourth year pro who became a starter in year 3 for an unspecified amount of time due to injury.
*He's 6'3", 279 lbs.
*He's a center, and he was cut in year two from his first team.
*He's White
*He plays on an NFL team where a diva WR (called Dante) got dropped for asking for too much money
*A starting offensive linesman got dropped too, because he was getting old. He decided to retire.
*Another starting offensive linesman wasn't dropped, is getting old and is still Pro Bowl-worthy.
*The NYTimes Review mentions he "was named one of the top linemen in the nation while in college, playing for a major football school."

The reason that the writer has chosen to remain anonymous is pretty obvious, despite hating the league and the sport he still does not want to be black balled out of the league. The book reveals all sorts of behind the scenes information that the NFL surely is displeased with the writer airing so the chances of him finding another NFL job if his identity is truly revealed are very slim.

Personally, I am of the Herm Edwards way of thinking where if it's something important that you want everyone to know then it should be something you "Put your name on". However, in this instance putting his name on it would have likely meant the end to a very lucrative job. Still, this is the risk that whistle blowers take and if David Molk is indeed Johnny Anonymous then that risk may end up being the reality of where he goes from here.

It will be interesting to see if Molk still has a job come the 2016 season. The Reddit user isn't proven correct without the writer coming out about it, but he does build a strong case against David Molk  Kudos to Johnny Anonymous for revealing the dark side of the NFL no matter what happens from here. Check out the links below for more info on this story.

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