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Watch: Peyton Manning "This might be my last rodeo"

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As much as Peyton Manning's play told the story about how this could be his final NFL season, his words following the Broncos win over the Patriots Sunday are confirming it. Manning met Bill Belichick at midfield and audio of their conversation revealed him saying "This might be my last rodeo."

If indeed Super Bowl 50 ends up being his final NFL game, it was a good ride. The past four seasons he spent in Denver, making this his second Super Bowl appearance with the Broncos.

The other AFC West teams are happy to see him go. Especially the Raiders which never beat him once (0-7) as a starter. Their win late this season over the Broncos came with Brock Osweiler at QB.

Peyton's reign of terror has had him win the AFC West in each of his four seasons there, with the Broncos never winning fewer than 12 games. Up until this past season, he led the Broncos to top two NFL offense each season.

There was no question he wasn't himself this season, however. He threw just nine touchdowns this season to 17 interceptions, while missing 7 games to injury. He returned from his injury for the final game of the season and has started the Broncos two playoff wins over the Steelers and Patriots. Now he will face a tough Panthers squad in the Super Bowl trying to go out on top.

I think I can speak for the Raiders and the rest of the AFC West when I say he will not be missed.