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2016 NFL Pro Bowl draft: Jerry Rice loads up his squad with Raiders

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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

There may be some bias on the part of Jerry Rice in the Pro Bowl draft as he was a former Raider himself. But whatever the reason, he saw fit to make sure and get several of the Raiders Pro Bowlers together on his team.

He began by making Khalil Mack the first defender taken in the draft at 4th overall. Then a few picks later, he added Derek Carr, which guaranteed Carr wouldn't have to worry about getting chased down by his elite pass rushing teammate. After that, Rice wisely added Carr's favorite target, Amari Cooper.

For what it's worth, immediately following Rice's pick of Cooper, he added Oakland native Marcus Peters.

Rice's picks so far:

1. Eli Manning, QB, Giants
2. Khalil Mack, DE/OLB, Raiders
3. Jarvis Landry, WR, Dolphins
4. Derek Carr, QB, Raiders
5. Amari Cooper, WR, Raiders
6. Marcus Peters, CB, Chiefs

Michael Irvin has not picked any Raiders players. He has loaded up on Seahawks players, grabbing Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Michael Bennett among others.

Raiders still available are Charles Woodson and Latavius Murray.

UPDATE: Charles Woodson was the final player off the board in the draft (on purpose according to Rice and Irvin) and joins his Raiders teammates on Rice's team. Latavius Murray is the lone Raider player not on team Rice who went with Chris Ivory instead. This left Murray as the last running back on the board where he was assigned to team Irvin.