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Pretty sure I just found the perfect Raiders half time show

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Mohawk man in kilt playing Thunderstruck on flaming bagpipes would be the most perfect Raiders game halftime show ever.

If you were to put together a focus group to construct the perfect single performer for a Raiders halftime show, the suggestions might be somewhat expected considering the image of the franchise and its costumed fans. The hard part would be finding someone who best encapsulates all the suggestions. And I think I've found him.

Mohawk? Check
Tat sleeves? Check
Black leather vest? Check
Black leather knee high 'Mad Max' boots? Nice touch. Check
Black leather kilt? (Kilt? Ok, that's above and beyond but...) Check
BAGPIPES? That I hadn't considered, but the kilt makes more sense now, you have my attention.
Flames out the bagpipes? Whaaa??? GO ON...
AC/DC riff? Done and done! Bring me this man.

He calls himself the Badpiper. He is Australian and plays regularly at the Femantle Markets there, wowing guests with heavy metal tunes blown through bagpipes as he does in the video above with his version of Thunderstruck which he calls "Plunderstruck". He has appeared on Australia's Got Talent and per his website

"The Badpiper is available world wide for any occasion, festivals, corporate events, weddings, funerals, pre-parties, pool parties, spa parties, social gatherings... antisocial gatherings!"

I think Raiders fans would go nuts for this guy. Make it happen, Raiders. Get this guy stateside and let him rock (?) this season.