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Watch: Raiders Derek Carr's 51-yard TD bomb to TY Hilton in 2016 Pro Bowl

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The best pass of the 2016 Pro Bowl so far (in the first half) was thrown by Raiders Derek Carr. Carr came in for starter Eli Manning and on Carr's second drive, he stepped up in the pocket, threw on the run 51-yards down the field, dropping the ball in perfectly to TY Hilton in the end one.

Ultimately the pass was ruled incomplete because Hilton didn't retain possession of the ball throughout the catch and out of bounds. But, regardless of whether Hilton was able to secure the ball, that takes nothing away from that pass, which had John Gruden say it was "One of the best passes in Pro Bowl history."

Carr was originally a Pro Bowl alternate. He was named to the Pro Bowl when Aaron Rodgers bowed out with an injury. He is stepping up and trying to show the NFL they made the right choice and putting on a bit of a show with passes like this one.