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Watch: Raiders Derek Carr two big connections with Chiefs TE Travis Kelce in 2016 Pro Bowl

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Most people knew Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is one of the best tight ends in football. You can count Derek Carr among them. After Carr had his big 51-yard touchdown pass to TY Hilton ruled incomplete, he continued the drive, eventually hooking up with Kelce in for a 10-yard strike.

Carr put the pass up high where  Kelce plucked it in the back of the end zone for the score. It was one of those passes you see quarterbacks throw to their receivers who they have a lot of faith in their ability to pull it down. It was Kelce's second touchdown of the game, as he had caught one on the opening drive from Eli Manning.

Neither Carr nor Kelce were done. A bit later, in the third quarter, Kelce got wide open over the middle and Carr threw for him again, this time for a 28-yard gain to the 17-yard line.

The drive was finished off by a short Doug Martin touchdown run.

Derek Carr leads all passers with 14 of 25 for 198 yards, a touchdown and 2 interceptions. Kelce leads Team Rice with 5 catches for 91 yards and 2 touchdowns.