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Raiders week 17 Ballers & Busters vs Chiefs

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders were hoping to end the season on a strong note. They did not. It was an ugly performance pretty much from wire to wire, with a few nice plays in between. And ultimately they would lose 23-17 in a game that somehow had a bit of drama at the end. It yielded to a bit of comedy (depending on who you ask).


David Amerson

The only reason the Raiders were able to stay in this game at all was because of his pick six. The Raiders were down 14-3 just before half time and showing very little signs of life. Derek Carr had just thrown an interception in the end zone to give the Chiefs the ball at the 20-yard-line. On the first play, Amerson stepped in front of a pass up the right sideline, and returned it 24 yards for the touchdown.

Unfortunately, he had to showboat and point at a defender on his way in which had him called for taunting. He was very lucky it didn't result in points for the Chiefs because they ended up started their next series at the Oakland 45-yard-line. The defense would hold and force a punt so no harm done.

The fact that his pick six was enough to make him this week's Top Baller should give you some indication of how bad the Raiders looked on the whole. Especially when you consider he fell down on a route to give up a 17-yard catch in the third quarter on a key third down and the Chiefs scored their final touchdown on the next play. Amerson added a coverage incompletion and gave up two catches for 31 yards.

Justin Ellis

Overall  the Raiders run defense was pathetic in this game. But Ellis was doing good work. He had a tackle for loss on the Chiefs' first possession and was in his gap to help force another run stop. He had another run stuff in the second quarter. Early in the third quarter he got pressure to force an incompletion. On a day in which the Raiders defense gave up 189 yards rushing and 4.8 yards per carry, just two runs of over two yards went through Ellis's position for a total of ten yards.

Honorable Mention

Clive Walford - He saw four targets and caught all four to lead the team with 46 yards receiving.


Khalil Mack

He led the team with 10 tackles (7 solo) including two tackles for loss and a QB hurry. So, statistically a great day. But Alex Smith was playing him like a fiddle all game long. On the very first play, he went after Mack to pick up 18 yards on a screen play. They would score a touchdown on that drive.

The next drive, Mack was twice beaten on Smith scramble plays. The first came on third and four and he didn't seal the edge which gave Smith the outside and he went for nine yards. A few plays later, the Chiefs were in fourth and one and Mack was frozen by a fake pitch on an option play. Smith kept the ball and ran right inside Mack for six yards. Three plays later, the Chiefs were in the end zone again to take a 14-0 lead early.

Mack got back on track some after that. The first series of the second quarter, he had finally got to Smith. He very nearly got the sack but the fleet footed Smith managed to pick up two yards. Mack had a run stuff on that series as well to help force a punt.

Early in the third quarter, he gave up 8 yards on a screen, but made up for it with a tackle for loss on third and three. The next series, he was called for roughing the passer for making contact with the quarterback's head. The penalty yardage plus the 17-yard completion on the play put the Chiefs at the 15-yard-line and they scored their third touchdown on the next play.

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