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Silver & Black Pride staff, community playoff bracket contest

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It's that time again. When we take your bracket submissions for the playoffs. The winner will receive a free Silver & Black Pride T-shirt. The rules are as follows:

A point value is given for each correctly picked team. To get the free T-shirty you must at least correctly pick one of the teams in the Super Bowl. Wild card teams will be used as tiebreakers.

The Silver & Black Pride staff will also be filling out brackets as well and next week we will compare our picks to that of community. Though the staff is not eligible to win the T-shirt (sorry, guys).

You can put your picks in the comments in the following format:

Wildcard round winners
AFC team
AFC team
NFC team
NFC team

Division round winners
AFC team
AFC team
NFC team
NFC team

Conference champs
AFC team
NFC team

Super Bowl champs

The action starts Saturday with these games:


Chiefs at Houston
Steelers at Cincinnati


Seahawks at Minnesota
Packers at Wasinghton

The winners of these games will face the Patriots and Broncos in the AFC Division round and the Panthers and Cardinals in the NFC Division round.

Comments will be closed just prior to the kickoff of the first game on Saturday at 1:35 pm Pacific time (4:35 pm ET).

Good luck!